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Parking enforcement in a city or in any public or private place is a very crucial task. Manually checking permits is time intensive work for enforcement officers. Car park enforcements are often required that the correct revenue is collected and the car parking spaces are used optimally.

At Infocomm we are committed to developing software that not only simplify parking enforcement but its also improve overall operations for management and customers. Parking Violation Tickets (PVT’s) can be issued to cars that have violated local terms and conditions.

Our software can be customized as per local authority rules, which allow your enforcement officers to issue PVTs through our Parking Enforcement system.

PVTs can be added by enforcement officer in real time using our Android Smartphone Application which also supports taking pictures for photographic evidence. Alternatively Parking inspector can add PVT through web application at a later time when he/she returns to base.

PVTs Payment:

PVTS can be paid by the customer through following channels:
1) Through company or local authority website using credit card
2) Through motorist smart phone application using credit card
3) Directly to staff by visiting parking shop or customer service centre.

PVTs can be configured by location, time and the price is automatically calculated which need to be paid by customer. All processed PVTs information is logged in the system.

Integration with other modules:

Parking enforcement software can be integrated with other software modules like Staff Patrols and Permit Management for data integration and ease of use. Staff can access all of that information through a simple easy-to-use android application.

As soon as a patrolling staff issues a PVT, the application synchronies this data to central system so authorities can be make aware of customers latest tickets.

Smart Enforcement Application

Infocomm’s Smart Enforcement Android Application coupled with robust mobile printer can be deployed easily and cost effectively for your car park operations. Our Smart Enforcement Application uses the in-built camera and GPS to improve the accuracy. Our team will work closely with you to deliver the best solution for your need.

The PVT app provides:

  • Issuing of warning notices based on your business rules
  • Capturing photographic evidence of each parking rules violation
  • Easy to use lists of vehicle makes and models
  • Additional notes to support the parking violation
  • Capturing of GPS coordinates

PVT and warning notice information is uploaded on server in real time.

The app is modular and can also provide:

  • Staff patrols and proof of presence
  • Fault and Maintenance management
  • Infrastructure and third party issues

The uploaded information can also be analyzed and reported on, providing supporting data for Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) or other reviews.