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The Motorist Mobile Application is designed to assist the parking needs of motorists. Using this app motorists can pay for virtual permits by using Infocomm’s Parking Wallet. Motorist Mobile Application also allows motorist to top up his Parking Wallet from the application using different payment channels e.g. Credit Card, KIOSKs, Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Mobile Money etc.

Key Features included in this app:

  • Pay Parking Fee using Infocomm Parking Wallet
  • Pay Parking fee using SMS (Telco Billing)
  • Pay Parking Fee using Credit Card, Android Pay and Apple Pay
  • Automatically lists nearby zones and distances based on motorist location.
  • Search by location
  • View zones on Google maps
  • Allowing motorist to add more than one vehicle information.
  • Favorite vehicle stored and recalled
  • Favorite zone stored and recalled
  • Display historical virtual parking permits
  • Display Parking Wallet Top Up History
  • In App parking permit expiry notification and allowing motorist to extend virtual parking permit using single click/tap.

There are two more optional features can be included:

  • Real Time Parking Availability information for Off-Street and On-Street parkings:

    Same application can also be used to display real time parking availability information to end users. The real time information can be fetched from the Off-Street parking provider’s system and can be displayed in the app. In case of On-Street parking, it can be used if parking bays are having parking censors. The application can also be used to guide motorist to the free parking bays using GPS functionality of the smart phone.

    For better understanding please download RTA Smart Parking application from IOS and Android stores. This smart application is developed by Infocomm.

  • Payment for Off Street Parking:

    Our Smart Parking App with Parking Wallet can also be used to pay for off-street parking. The application can be integrated with any off street parking vendors. Parking vendors just need to print a special parking ticket numeric code, which a motorist can enter in Smart phone and pay using his/her Parking Wallet account.