Two Way SMS

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If you’re looking to do 2-way SMS you at the right place. Two-Way Messaging allow people to reply to your SMS messages. This is also known as 2-way messaging. We provide full 2 Way SMS functionality, allowing you to easily send and receive SMS.

A Two-Way Messaging system allows your customers, suppliers or employees to reply to your messages. They are ideal for marketing campaigns and promotions when you want to encourage conversations between you and your audience.

We provide a GSM based system to receive replies from any number around the world, so you could receive replies from international destinations too. Mobile users sending messages to our system are charged as per their telco tariff.All incoming SMS are free of charge. We provide an advanced set of tools for managing inbound messages.

 2 Way SMS Features & Uses

  • Communicate to and from your contacts
  • Automate your replies based on keywords
  • Create engaging competitions & promotions
  • Automate appointment confirmations