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At the heart of any successful mobile advertising campaign is a good, well-managed database – it’s your direct link to your customers, helping you build and develop your relationship with them.

As customers participate in your mobile campaigns – as they send in responses to your SMSs, and to your ads, as they take part in your competitions and surveys or download your ringtones or respond to your print ad campaign or branding at point of sale, Infocomm can help you build a detailed profile of your customer base – activity, demographics and typical behaviour – which you can use to develop and target new campaigns.

Social Networking

The information you gather from your customers’ responses to your campaign can be used to build and develop mobile communities and loyalty groups – allowing you to strengthen your relationship with your customers through offers and activities you know they’ll be interested in.

Let Infocomm’s team of experts help you both develop mobile communities for your brand and create a schedule of Mobile Advertising activities to keep them engaged – including user generated content, allowing them to create their own profiles, create and join in chat rooms, share images and more – allowing you and your brand to take full advantage of the phenomenon that is social networking.

We can also show you how creating a loyalty group can help you maximise your marketing message.

Remember, customers are invited to opt-in to these campaigns – opt-in means customers have consented to participate in your campaign. Once customers have chosen to opt-in, through campaign disclaimers they receive full details on how their information will be collected and used.

By the way, we don’t just see it as database management – it’s an art that we’re masters of.

We’re experts in the use of:

  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL Server