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Mobile is the Future.

To win, you need a platform and partner you can trust to help you get ahead – and stay ahead – in mobile marketing. Our team of experts help you navigate mobile using the best technology platform in the industry. We can help you perfect your campaigns, launch your campaigns and execute winning campaigns and more.

If you haven’t tried mobile marketing, now is the time. Mobile marketing lets businesses connect with customers on the devices they use the most. Using text messages (SMS) and geolocation and other mobile technologies, mobile marketing lets businesses send coupons, special discounts, announcements and other promotions to highly targeted customers. By reaching out to customers on devices that they take everywhere they go, mobile marketing campaigns can work wonders in influencing in-store walk-ins and, ultimately, purchases.

Client’s speaks about our mMarketing Services

“Through the use of Infocomm's SMS Platform, we have opened the door to insurance coverage for those who had little entry to it before - opening up an entirely new market full of potential.”

Harshit Mehta - Marketing Manager - Al Ahlia Insurance

" I love the ease of operation. I'm able to deliver a concise message to those participating in our program. The back-end support & dashboard has in place is top notch. Anyone can use Infocomm's services & succeed with their goals."

Abdul Basit - Marketing Executive, VLCC Oman

" Infocomm's Messaging Platform has given us a great advantage over the competition. It's been easy to use and we saw great response even after just a few weeks of using it. The response we have got is MUCH MORE than expected! We are very happy we used Infocomm's Services."

Haris Aslam - Marketing Manager, Pizza Inn Oman

"The website is set up really well. Everything is easy to get to. There is no clicking on 10 different things to get to where you want to go."

Nagaraj Krishna - Customer Support, Landmark Group

"The service and support from the team is amazing! They are always available and here to help with our marketing efforts. They have made things very easy to understand and use. Very personable too. Great customer service!"

Soumya Bagchi - Brand Manager Nissan Oman


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