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Imagine a new generation of users without having smart phone, tablet, laptop or any other WiFi enabled devices and these days the technology is moving towards no wires including even some of the latest models of laptops does not have built-in Ethernet port anymore. Many other devices features WiFi as standard interface for connectivity such as RFID Tags, Handheld Computers, Printers, Projectors, CCTV Camera, Portable Storage, Smart TV, Media Players, Set Top Box, Gaming Devices, Digital Camera, Home Appliances, etc. Infocomm delivers the full spectrum of industry-leading products along with solutions tailored to best suit your project needs. Our unparallel experience and expertise in wireless broadband networking products allow us to provide high performance, high capacity, highly scalable and secure complete end-to-end solutions to various market segments and applications.

Whether it’s coffee shop, small or large office, large enterprise with remote branches/users, hotel, school, mall, shopping center, auditorium ….. We have solutions from single Access Point to thousands of centrally managed Access Points for high coverage or high density requirements. Our solution range covers 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards in Single or Dual Radio Access Points with single or MIMO antennas

Small campus, park, stadium, airport, sea port or any large outdoor wireless coverage requirements to withstand the harsh weather conditions and depending on coverage & density requirements we have Outdoor WLAN solutions along with various required accessories such as outdoor high gain antennas, outdoor UTP cables, RF cables & connectors, weatherproof kits, etc. Our outdoor WLAN solutions are single / dual band with single or multiple radio Access Points and can support wireless mesh backhauling.

We offer high-speed, long range, reliable and secure Point-to-Point connectivity between two locations or Point-to-Multipoint connectivity for connecting multiple locations with our best-in-class Wireless Backhauling solutions in Licensed and Unlicensed frequency bands along with various required accessories such as outdoor high gain antennas, outdoor cables, RF cables & connectors, Weatherproof kits, etc.

The surge in IoT devices and the increased speed of doing business on mobile are leading us to the question — is the network infrastructure ready? Legacy network infrastructures were designed before mobility and IoT became prevalent. Today’s campus network needs to ensure that connectivity, security and smart network management complement each other so that all of these devices can securely connect. And although most users will connect via wireless, the increase in network density requirements and the need for IoT devices to connect via wired means that the wired infrastructure is just as critical. Aruba’s campus switching portfolio spans the access layer to the core and creates the foundation of the new digital workplace. Aruba’s switches integrate seamlessly with the wireless network as well as with Aruba’s industry-leading security and network management solutions. CURRENT BUSINESS LANDSCAPE Network traffic is increasing The shift to digital has disrupted every piece of the network from the edge to the core. As the mobile workforce uses video, voice, and cloud applications to better collaborate, the amount of data crossing the campus network and being aggregated at the core is increasing exponentially. IoT means more device types In addition to mobility, the increase in the number of IoT/headless devices connecting to the campus has resulted in an avalanche of data pouring through the core of the network. By 2020, there will 20 billion IoT devices connected to enterprise networks. (Source: Gartner) The network is business critical—from the edge to the core From the LOB or CIO’s standpoint, it’s not an option for the network to go down, or for it to not be running optimally. And the network must be secure—the company’s reputation is on the line.