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Infocomm’s Wi-Fi Monetization Framework – Revenue Generator

By launching innovative revenue models through novel business use cases and plans as well as enhance existing portfolio based on the inputs from Subscriber Analytics reports, Infocomm’s Wi-Fi Monetization Framework capable operators to leverage their existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. The framework supports Mobile concierge feature to offer Next generation tailored information through engaging through Easy Connect Mobile App, user device, browser etc. It gives integrate location information in customized application through context aware API of Wireless networks.

Operators can have multiple monetization opportunities through varied use cases for retail, enterprise, properties etc. and how Infocomm provides enablement for such offerings, few of them to list as below:

Cost Per Click
Revenue sharing model based on number of clicks for Ads on Walled Garden / Captive Portal

Commission Model
Share Wi-Fi infrastructure

Location Analytics
Offer reports as per partner’s requirement e.g. user interest / footfall / purchases / user profile, cost per click, etc. and charge for reports.

Location Based Advertisements
Partnership with content providers for location based advertisements on Walled Garden / Captive Portal, etc.

Push Notifications
Real-Time Push Notifications for discounts and offers at shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

Smart URLs
Free Wi-Fi access to specific URLs to enhance brand image and offer Location Based Advertisements/ mCoupons, etc.