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Better Internet for Transportation Industry

Session Persistent Roaming / Mobile Bandwidth Bonding Solution

Peplink / Pepwave Transportation Networking.

Welcome to the Fast Lane. Peplink / Pepwave transportation networking technologies deliver reliable, fast, and flexible mobile networking that keeps your business running in high gear, wherever opportunity takes you. Fast Internet access, file transfer, fleet tracking and surveillance, and content in HD quality – with Pepwave, all your digital traffic gets where it’s going quickly, without detours, delays, or downtime. For many in the transportation industry, mobile networking is an exercise in compromise and frustration. Flexible, scalable networks with the options and speed you need to stay ahead of your competition quickly become too complex, expensive, and failure-prone to be practical. But with Peplink, there’s no need to sacrifice functionality for reliability and cost-effectiveness or compromise on a solution that has as many drawbacks as advantages.


Swift and Reliable Networking for the Entire Fleet.

Pepwave MAX are engineered from the ground up for the needs of mobile industries, featuring space-saving designs, rugged enclosures, and mounting hardware that allows them to be placed almost anywhere.

Get Fast, Dependable Mobile Connectivity.

SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding distributes traffic across wireless links, boosting connection stability and making maximum use of available bandwidth. Need more speed? Simply add 4G LTE, 3G, and other wireless connections at any time. Want connections that won’t let you down, even while you’re on the move? SpeedFusion’s seamless failover and persistent session roaming keep your mobile network up and running at all times, giving you uninterrupted access to POS, ERP, VoIP, and other critical data, even when individual links fail. With SpeedFusion, your connection stays fast and stable — and you stay online and productive.

HD Video Delivery and On-The-Go Monitoring.

Whether you’re looking for something extra to differentiate your transportation service, new ways to promote your business, or greater security and peace-of-mind for passengers and employees, Pepwave mobile networking products are ideal travel companions. Keep your customers coming back with HD entertainment and news on the go. Build your brand and expose patrons to new services and partner offers with targeted mobile advertising. Pepwave gives your customers more than a way from Point A to Point B!



The Pepwave MAX is the ultimate mobile router. Able to load balance up to seven wireless links, including 4G LTE / 3G, WiMAX, VSAT, and Wi-Fi WAN, the MAX delivers enterprise-level dependability without dead zones in any mobile environment. And with the MAX’s SpeedFusion™ technology, which bonds the bandwidth of all connected links into one big, fast data pipe, you’re free to work productively and creatively wherever your work takes you. The MAX helps you control mobile connectivity costs that automatically switches between different connection according to your preference. Plus, our Bandwidth Monitor lets you check usage in seconds, so you can stay under your data cap and avoid costly overages. Designed and built for the road, the Pepwave MAX gives you the reliability, speed, and control you need to take your office anywhere – all in one rugged box that’s plug-and-play and grab-and-go.