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Check-In and Stay Connected!
HSIA is a very important amenity for all hotels. As guests expectations for high-speed and wireless Internet access in hotels has become service itself. In any hotel, guests expect to be able to get online, quickly, easily and reliably and more importantly securely. Studies show that more than 70% of guests decision to stay in hotel or not, are based on the fact if it has High Speed Internet Access.

But for those that do, complaints about Internet connectivity are now at apex of the list of issues raised by guests. Guests expect their hotel room to provide the same level of speed, dependability, and convenience as their office or home provides. In fact recent studies clearly suggest that nearly 80% of guests feel that providing the most up-to-date HSIA is an absolutely vital component of the guest offering.

With the ever-booming Hospitality industry, Individual guests are increasingly using laptops, tablets and Smart Phones simultaneously and this device proliferation increases loading on existing, often legacy and outdated networks, presenting significant problems for the hotelier, which eventually results in Customer Dissatisfaction and lower occupancy rates.

This being the case, the necessity for the hotelier is to have a robust network more critical than ever. Whether wired or wireless, in room or public areas or provisioning for your conference business, hoteliers simply cannot afford to offer second best. No one cares for being the second in this race.