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Setting up High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) for a visitor-based network in a hotel, convention center, or airport has never been easier, until now…

HSIA Gateway is a Service Management Platform, targeted at the hospitality industry with features that allows hoteliers to monetize existing complimentary Internet services and maximize limited bandwidth thus improving the Internet experience, eventually the much needed and vital Guest Experience.

Monetizing Internet Service

All in one appliance solution. HSIA Gateway has built-in Internet service plans that hoteliers can immediately offer to your guests: Time-based plans, Bandwidth-based plans, Volume-based plans and Public IP on demand services. Even Hoteliers can create a portal of different tiered (free/paid) services based on these plans easily with the Multi-portal Login Page Generator.

Account provisioning is just as easy as a piece of cake, with the one-touch account slip printer that seamlessly plugs into the Gateway and interfaces with common Property Management Systems for billing. In fact, the HSIA Gateway is so flexible; it even offers an Application Programming Interface to support custom systems integration.

Maximizing Available Bandwidth

With the ever increasing broadband requirements of the media rich Internet today, Tablets and Smartphones booming in to eat up more and more bandwidth, apps running in the background, Hoteliers can offer both free and paid Internet services yet rest assured in the quality of service for your paying guests? Are you even getting the most out of your current broadband connection?

HSIA Gateway allows you to implement a Fair Use policy, which means priority access for typical business traffic such as email and surfing and throttled access for P2P and streaming traffic. HSIA Gateway can offer you this all thanks to its built-in bandwidth management features that work better than the traditional rate limiting controls. HSIA Gateway offers Volume Prepaid, Throttled Bandwidth, P2P Client Blacklisting and port or application-based Session Rate Limits, putting you back in control of your network.

Now Hoteliers can even create tiered services that is not affected by the uncontrolled bandwidth use and you can rest assured that your premium users will get the quality of service that they expect from a paid Internet plan.