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Infocomm’s Centralized Management System provides its customer with multiple value added feature integrated with existing Inngate System. These Features will help the customer to improve the internet guest service system. iCMS is application based software solution to manage HSIA gateway.

With iCMS, IT Manager can effectively manage the internet service & which in turn will help him to provide better guest services. iCMS provides platform for IT manager to generate multiple graphical reports, provides new authentication based system considering the country’s law, etc.

iCMS provide Customer friendly interface to configure the HSIA Gateway enhance features & non-IT person can easily control the system.

Below are the some modules available in iCMS

Reporting Modules
With this module, IT managers can generate multiple reports in user friendly layouts. Reports are available in graphical formats, CSV,& HTML.

Mobile SMS Based Authentication
This Module allows IT Manager to control internet access in public areas by enabling this authentication method. IT Manager will be ready to meet the ISS/TRA regulations as well as can gather mobile database of Users which can be used by Marketing as a tool to promote in-house brands.

Wall Garden Management
iCMS provides Wall Garden management tool to control the wall garden content/text from single screen. IT Manager can himself design customized wall gardens through this Module.

Multi-Language Wall Garden Support
iCMS brings on emerging industry standard requirement of Wall Garden supports in different language. With Single button click, IT manager can control Multi-Language Wall Garden screens.

Legal Lawful Intercept Reports
As a hospitality service provider of Internet access for your guest, you need to be responsible for knowing who accesses the internet or emails via your server & requires you to store information on User IDSs, IP addresses & data/time of communication, browsing history.

With this module, you conform to various IT Cyber laws by logging guest connections, mobile numbers, & visited URLs. Information will be stored for pre-defined specific period & can be made available to authorities at any time.

Central Reporting for Multiple Inngates
Single Owner multiple properties will find this module useful as it provides central location to view different reports of different properties at single click of button. Reports are available in graphical format, CSV or HTML format.

Plan Management (Single Duration/Stored Duration/Volume Charge)
With this module, IT manage can control Internet Plans depending on various locations & types of guest. User friendly interface allow non-IT person also to change the Plans on demanding basis.